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Our Roofing Services Solve Any Type of Roofing Problems

At Advanced Roofing Quinte, we are committed to providing fast and reliable roofing services at a reasonable rate. We guarantee top quality work with our 10-YEAR LABOUR GUARANTEE. While fast and efficient, you will find that we don’t sacrifice quality for timeliness.

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Steel & Metal Roofing

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Designer Shingles & Architectural Shingles

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Low Slope & Rubber Roofing

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Seamless Eavestrough, Fascia & Soffits

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Steel & Metal Roofing

There are many benefits in considering metal for your roofing requirements, including the fact a metal roof will last as long as the structure itself, weighs less than traditional roofing systems, sheds snow easier, and is fire resistant. Add to that the fact that there are also so many stunning styles and colours now available to choose from. All roofing steel is not created equal, we only use quality, high-end roofing products.

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Designer Shingles & Architectural Shingles

We carry a variety of top end shingles, and the best Architectural Shingles, for longevity and wind resistance. Our product, preparation, and installation practices reach far beyond manufacturer specifications so that your manufacturer’s product warranty never come into question (30-50 Years).

Low slope roof with three skylights

Low Slope & Rubber Roofing

A “low slope roof” is one that slopes less than 2″- 12″ pitch. Because low slope roofs also drain water more slowly than moderate or steep sloped roofs, systems such as steel or asphalt shingles that rely on mechanical drainage for successful performance, are not used. Instead, we use rolled roofing or rubber membrane roofing systems.

Eavestrough on house

Seamless Eavestroughs, Fascia, & Soffit

Seamless eavestroughs are the most common installed eavestroughs due to its proficiency of quality.  They also protect the beauty of your home and landscape. There is an arrangement of colours to match the decor of your home.